Currahee Re-union

Hampton Virginia, August 1999

Standing (L-R) Bassista, Lopez, Blanco, Clark. Seated: Ron Ford   Fords photo of group
(L-R) Melgaard, Mezzetta, Blanco, and Lopez.
Melgaard was the second platoon's first medic and was later replaced by Mezzetta. The night Blanco and Lopez were wounded, Mezzetta crawled to their foxholes and patched them up. They were his first combat patients.  
Melgaard Mezzetta Blanco Lopez

Doc Lovy, Mayfield, Blanco, Mezzetta, and Clement

Lovy Mayfield Blanco Mezzetta Clement

Standing (L-R) Colone, Alexander, Shire, Mullican, Purcell, Mezzetta, Doc Lovy, Melgaard
Kneeling in front:  Wilke and Doc Jones


Group photo

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