Scene of a Tet firefight.

Porch where Daniel fell mortally wounded.

Spec4 Andrew Daniel 
(click for photo of Daniel) was shot and lay fatally wounded on this porch, turning the house into the focal point of a fierce firefight during Tet 1968. Daniel's body was retrieved after dark. In this photo, taken the next morning, you can see his canteen on the porch near the wall, marking the spot where he died.  The photo was taken the next morning by Jerry Berry, an Army combat photographer.

Porch in 1989.

In 1989 I located the hamlet where my platoon fought an all day firefight during Tet 1968. A retired teacher lived in the house that had been the focal point of the fighting. He remembered that afternoon, twenty years earlier, when three G.I.s suddenly appeared on his porch. One of the G.I.s was Spec4 Andrew Daniel.   



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