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  • About the photos.
    In the bush.I carried a compact camera in my large trouser pocket. The photo above was taken during a lull in a firefight. I tossed the camera to the platoon's machine-gunner, who snapped the photo when I turned to look forward. You can see other troopers from the second platoon in the background. I like this photo because it has a grungy, WWII look. (click on  photo for enlargement). Some of the photos in these albums were taken by men in my company. I thank them for allowing me to use them here.

  • Album 1:   In the bush

  • Album 2:   Alpha Co. troopers

  • Album 3    Alpha Co. troopers

  • Album 4    Alpha Co  troopers.

  • Album 5    Alpha Co. at LZ Betty

  • Album 6  LZ Betty
    LZ Betty, the battalion's base camp, located a mile from Phan Thiet, the province capitol. 

  • Album 7 Phan Thiet 1968
    Phan Thiet, is a fishing town by the South China Sea.

  • Album 8 With Mac-V
    When I returned from the hospital to LZ Betty, I learned that Mac-V was asking for volunteers to train and go out on patrols with South Vietnamese Popular Forces (PFs). I volunteered and was transferred to a Vietnamese compound where I lived with and went on patrols with PF troops for several months.

  • Album 9 
    Return to Nam 1989

  • Album 10 
    Return to Nam 1989


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